Private or Incentive Tour
You can make your own itinerary as you like.
A vehicle assigned just for your party.
Price Regulation
  • By credit card
  • Credit card issued in Korea
    KEB card, Shinhan card, LG card, KB card, BC card, Samsung card
    Credit card issued out of Korea
    VISA card, Master card, AMEX card
  • By Remittance
  • After reservation, a full payment should be made within 24hours.
    Local residents of Korea, you need to send tour fee to Yeha Account below.
    Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK): 315-032700-04-015
    Account Holder: YEHA, INC
  • Cancellation / Change / Refund
  •   Cancellation Change Refund
    10 days before O O 100%
    5 days before O O 50%
    4 day before / same day X X X
※ The refund regulation is based on the total amount of tour expenses, and if the condition is non-refundable, the balance will also be paid by your credit card.
For example, if your tour date is 20th.
  • ● 10 days before
  • ● 5 days before
  • ● 4 day before / same day