• All Surrounded by the sea, Jeju!
    Premium Yacht Tour
    Why don't you try yacht tour on the sea of Jeju for special travel if you want a totally new experience.
    To enjoy a romantic holiday in the yacht called the 'Villa over the Sea'
    You can experience Jeju's various hidden appearances all year around. To Relax and enjoy as if you stay at home.
    It's a hotel style yacht tour which has modern and complementary facilities, such as space for a business meeting party and bathrooms.
    Service Schedule
    Yacht Course
    • Departure from a landing Marina.
    • To Introduce a sailing course and facilities guide.
    • ~ Free time on the Yacht.
    • To look around Jusangjeolli Cliff.
    • Fishing experience and finding a dolphin.
    • Sailing experience and Free time onboard.
    • Arrival at marina.
Price Regulation
  • By credit card
  • Credit card issued in Korea
    KEB card, Shinhan card, LG card, KB card, BC card, Samsung card
    Credit card issued out of Korea
    VISA card, Master card, AMEX card
  • By Remittance
  • After reservation, a full payment should be made within 24hours.
    Local residents of Korea, you need to send tour fee to Yeha Account below.
    Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK): 315-032700-04-015
    Account Holder: YEHA, INC
  • Cancellation / Change / Refund
  •   Cancellation Change Refund
    3 days before O O 100%
    2 days before O O 50%
    1 day before / same day X X X
※ The total payment will be charged as for cancellation fee on the day of your activity or No show.
For example, if your tour date is 20th.
  • ● 3 days before
  • ● 2 days before
  • ● 1 day before / same day