• Type of Vehicle
  • Type of Vehicle
    Price (24HR)
    ~ 80,000 KRW
    ~ 100,000 KRW
    ~ 150,000 KRW
    ~ 200,000 KRW
    200,001 KRW ~
    • A/T
    • M/T
    • LPG
    • Petrol/Gasoline
    • Disel
    • This car has air conditioning
    • Adult
    • Child
    • Big luggage
    • Mid-size luggage
    • Small luggage

Insurance & Coverage (Indemnity for own vehicle damage)

Please be informed that you will be exempted from damages (Own Vehicle) in accordance with the terms and conditions.
※ This insurance, automatically, will be lost of the coverage after an accident occurs
  • 1. General coverage insurance
    1) 20% Repair cost within “the limit amount”
    2) Minimum 100,000KRW ~ Maximum 500,000KRW
    3) “None Operation Charge (N.O.C)” will be added.
    ※ Be informed that “The limit amount” is subject to change depending on the type of Vehicles; 3,000,000KRW to 5,000,000KRW.
    ※ Be informed that N.O.C is payable in the event of accident, and this is in addition to the excess and is compulsory. It is basically 50% of the Published rental fee of rented vehicle and calculated by daily basis.
  • 2. Full coverage insurance
    1) No paying within the limit amount.
    ※ Be informed that “N.O.C” won’t be added
    ※ Less than 25 year olds drivers are not allowed to sign up with Full coverage insurance.
  • 3. Basic Insurance and Coverage
    1) For Personal Injuries: Unlimited
    2) For Property Damages: Up to 20 million KRW
    3) For other parity’s Damages: Up to 15 million KRW
    ※ Be informed Basic insurance is already included in all the vehicles.
Recently the car accidents of foreign drivers are gradually increasing so we strongly recommend you sign up with full coverage insurance.
We also recommend you use Yeha private diving tour, If you are less than 25 year olds.
All the issues as below are not covered in Insurance
Flat Tire, Tire Damage, Key Lost & Key Damage, Wheel Cover/ Tire/ Wheel Chain/ Navigation/ Car component Lost or Damage, Door Locking, Tow Service because of Electric Discharge, Emergency Service, Vehicle submerged, Drinking Accident, Tow & Emergency Service for Islet area; ex UDO, Chujado.
Winter Season Notice
A Wheel Chain can be offered by Customer’s request. It can snow in Mt. Road even if no snowing in Downtown area. Be aware not to take Mt. Road when snowing in Jeju Island.
- Rental fee for a Wheel Chain : at around 10,000KRW
- Tow Fee : at around 35,000KRW
※ It depends on Distances.
Tour Conditions
  • All bookings are subject to availability of rental car.
  • Reservations should be made 4 Days prior to your tour for booking confirmation.
※ All the rental cars are not allowed to be pick-up & returned to Jeju airport to settle the trafic congestion in Jeju airport since 1st of Sep 2017
Price Regulation
  • By credit card
  • Credit card issued in Korea
    KEB card, Shinhan card, LG card, KB card, BC card, Samsung card
    Credit card issued out of Korea
    VISA card, Master card, AMEX card
  • By Remittance
  • After reservation, a full payment should be made within 24hours.
    Local residents of Korea, you need to send tour fee to Yeha Account below.
    Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK): 315-032700-04-015
    Account Holder: YEHA, INC
  • Cancellation / Change / Refund
  •   Cancellation Change Refund
    10 days before O O 100%
    5 days before O O 50%
    4 day before / same day X X X
※ The total payment will be charged as for cancellation fee on the day of your activity or No show.
For example, if your check-in date is 20th.
  • ● 10 days before
  • ● 5 days before
  • ● 4 day before / same day