Rent-a-car Condition
  • Check Car Rental Conditions
    • Basic Eligibility for Self-Driving in Jeju
      • - International Driver's License
      • - Driving Experience for over a year
      • - Over 21 Years of age
    • Guidelines for International Driving Permit
      • - The International Driver's Permit is mandatory for Self-Driving in South Korea.
      • - The Permit should be valid until the date of return vehicle.
  • Check Insurance and Coverage.
  • Check the condition of Vehicle and Sign the Agreement of Rent-A-Car.
  • Prepare the copy of International Driver's License and passport and present it to the staff of car rental-company.
Procedures for Pick-up
  • Pick-up the Vehicle at Jeju Airport.
  • Check the reservation Information & Present copies of your International driver's license and passport.
  • Sign the agreement of rent-a-car.
  • Check the condition of Vehicle in the Parking Lot.
  • Receive the copy of Agreement & the Key.
Procedures for delivery
  • Park the vehicle in the parking lot at Jeju Airport & Take your belongings out.
  • Hand over the key & copy of agreement to the staff of Car rental-company.
  • The Staff check the conditions of Vehicle. (Interior, Exterior, Operation, and Fuel Gauge etc)
  • Pay the additional fees, if needed. (Late Returning, Loss or Damage of Vehicle, Traffic ticket etc
  • You are allowed to leave the place, once the procedure's completed.
Your Rental includes:
Unlimited Kilometers
Basic Insurance
- Third Party Liability : To cover property damages and bodily injuries to any 3rd party outside the vehicle.
- Accident Benefits : To cover injuries to drivers and/or passengers.
- Theft Protection :To cover you against theft of the rental car, if you are at fault in a covered occasion.
Navigation System (English GPS)
Optional Insurance (Collision Damage Waiver: To cover damages to your rental vehicle.)
Local Taxes
Your Rental excludes:
Parking Fees at Jeju International Airport
Additional charges, if any.
- Additional equipment such as Child Seat, Snow Chains etc.
- Extension of Period
Collection & Delivery
A collection & delivery service is only available at a given place during the business hours
The International Driving License and Passport would be required for identification purpose.
Present the copy of international driver's license and passport to staff of car rental-company when you pick up the car.
The vehicle will be supplied with three fourths (3/4) of Fuel level at collection, and it should be returned as the same level with collecting one, otherwise charges for shortage will be applied. No refund for unused fuel is due.
The renters should pay for the Airport Parking Fees to the staff of the rent-a-car company twice at Collection & Delivery.
(At Collection: 2,000~3,000KRW, if you return it on time & At Delivery: 1,000~2,000KRW.)
Additional Expenses
The renter is liable for all additional expenses of Parking Fees and Traffic Fines incurred for the duration of rental.
An additional administration fee will be charged over and above any fine or penalty cost for any violation
arising from renter's use of the vehicle.
Additional equipment such as Child Seat, Snow Chains shall be paid at the spot of rent-a-car upon its happening.
(Please note special equipment such as child seats, snow chains are all on request and subject to availability.)
Insurance and Coverage
Basic Insurance and Coverage
Rent-a-Car will make best efforts to protect you when you are involved in an accident while driving any car rented from us to the extent covered by the following insurances.
For Personal Injuries : Unlimited
For Property Damages : up to 20 million Korean Won
For Own Damages : up to 15 million Korean Won
Optional Insurance : Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
The renters are liable for any damage (loss or destruction) to the rented car incurred by a cause for which they are accountable during the rental period. If the renters have selected a CDW, an option for customers, any own damage to the vehicle caused by your negligence is covered.
[1] Limited Waivers :
At accident, the renter is responsible for up to the specified amount as following for repair or replacement of the vehicle or part thereof (or the cost of damage repair, whichever is the lower): Deductibles of 500,000KRW per vehicle in maximum, and it is subject to change based on each case.
[2] NOC (Non Operation Charge) is payable in the event of accident, and this is in addition to the excess and is compulsory. It is basically 50% of the Published Rental Fee of rented vehicle and calculated by daily basis. The total NOC is subject to change based on vehicle type and number of repair days.
  Consumable Goods (Tires, Snow Chains, Interior Component and Service Fees) is also payable in the event of an accident.
[3] Super Waivers : A lower, non-waivable liability will apply
  Consumable Goods (Tires, Snow Chains, Interior Component and Towing fee) is payable in the event of an accident as well.